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The department of Nuclear Medicine of Bombay Hospital has set up TWO new scanning procedure in collaboration with division of radiopharmaceuticals of BARC using indegenously produced Isotopes for imaging brain diseases and cancer. Till now the isotopes had to be imported and patients had to wait for long time. With the production of isotopes indegenously by BARC, these scanning procedures can be done everyday and the cost is also low.

The TWO techniques are:

  • DAT scan
  • HYNIC- TOC Scan

What is DAT scan?

It is a brain scanning technique in which isotope is injected intravenously and image of brain is obtained after 4 hours. It is used for diagnosing Parkinson’s disease when MRI is negative OR inconclusive. It helps in detecting the areas of the brain which are affected in Parkinson’s disease. It also helps in assessing the effect of treatment.

AnchorWhat is HYNIC – TOC scan:

It is a whole body scanning technique in which isotope is injected intravenously and whole body image is obtained after 4 hours and is used for diagnosis of Neuroendocrine cancers. The existing techniques depend on importing the isotope and are also very expensive. This new technique is indigenously produced by BARC and the isotope will be available everyday and patient need NOT wait long. It is also NOT expensive. It is very useful in deciding which patient of neuroendocrine cancer will be benefit from Isotope therapy.

Dr B A Krishna, Head of the department of Nuclear Medicine of Bombay Hospital said that both techniques have been set up by BARC scientists in collaboration with the department technical staff. The technique has been standardized and 9 patients of Parkinson’s disease and 8 patients of neuroendocrine cancers have been scanned so far with excellent quality images.