Conference on Artificial Intelligence

The midterm conference of the National Academy of Medical Sciences was held on April 28, 2024, at the SP Jain Auditorium on the 4th floor of the Bombay Hospital New Wing. It was a full-day meeting, and the Maharashtra Medical Council credit points had been processed.

The subject of the meeting, "Artificial Intelligence: What Does the Future Hold?" was fascinating and modern. Experts and office bearers of the National Academy of Medical Sciences, including Dr. Shiv Sarin, the President of the National Academy, Dr. K K Talwar, Dr. Digambar Behara, and Dr. Snehlata Deshmukh, attended the event. Experts from the Indian Institute of Technology Powai participated as well.

International lectures were given by Professor James TEO, Professor of Neurology at Cleveland Clinic, London, and Professor Daniel Racoceanu from the Paris Brain Institute, discussing the role of artificial intelligence in healthcare. Bombay Hospital doctors presented case studies relating to artificial intelligence. There was also an interesting debate on "Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Doctors?" and a panel discussion about the current standing of artificial intelligence.

The meeting had both in-person and online components to accommodate those unable to attend in person. A highlight was a hands-on workshop on various aspects of artificial intelligence conducted on 5 workstations under the guidance of Dr. Kshitij Jadhav from the Indian Institute of Technology.

The meeting was indeed an academic feast for the participants, addressing an area of tremendous importance for all walks of life, including the medical fraternity.

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