The Birla Matushree Sabhaghar

The Birla Matushree Sabhaghar

Location Ground Floor, Annex Building
Timings 10 am to 6 pm
Extn. 295/296

Birla Matushree Sabhaghar was established in 1958 and happens to be one of the oldest and largest auditoriums in the city of Mumbai and boasts of its approximtely 1075 classic theatre style seatings and the best Green Rooms (3 in nos) in any theatre. Since many years the Birla Matushree Sabhaghar has hosted countless top Corporate Annual General Body Meetings, Public functions, Dance Programmes, Musical Concerts and other social events.

Approximately 30 – 35 Annual General Body Meetings of top corporates like Tata, Reliance, Hindustan Unilever etc, and 400 other programmes are held here annually.

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