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Cancer Surgery

Awards / Achievements 1. CSCO travel grant to present an invited poster at annual CSCO meeting in Xiamen, China, September 2018. 2. ESSO Training fellowship travel grant to visit university of Verona, May-July 2018. 3. IASO travel grant to present poster at annual SSO meeting in Chicago, March 2018. 4. RD Birla Smarak Kosh scholarship for higher training in GI Surgery at South Korea. 5. Best poster award at IASG 2017, Pondicherry. 6. Best Paper award at ICC 2017, Bangalore.

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Book Chapters: 3

1. Pancreatic and periampullary cancer- Surgical gastroenterology, 3rd edition, 2018.Paras medical publishers, India. ISBN: 2. Surgery for renal cancer—Atlas of operative surgical oncology, 1st edition, 2017.Jaypee Publication, India. ISBN:978-93-86261098-4, pp 69-73. 3. Gastroentero-pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors—TMH textbook of oncology,Springer Publications.